Monday, April 7, 2014

"The God Who Sees Me"

"So she called the name of the LORD who spoke to her, 'You are a God of seeing,' for she said, 'Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.'" -Gen. 16:13

Today I didn't just talk to God. Today, I cried out to El-Roi, "The God who sees me". I was driving into work, thinking of a young girl who just found out she is pregnant. I was thinking of three little ones...very special to Julianna and I...But with all this going on in my head, I wasn't praying. I was simply thinking. And I certainly wasn't crying out to El-Roi.

Then, my mom called and informed me that my very pregnant sister-in-law had a seizure and was on the way to the hospital. In that moment, all I could do was cry out. All I could do was beg the God who sees all of it.

I begged God on behalf of His mercy. I thanked Him for His faithfulness to my family but then quickly asked Him to not forsake us now. I clung to my only hope for mery; the cross. I spoke of the blood spilled. I spoke of the wrath that He already poured out on His perfect Son. I begged for mercy... Then, as humbly as I could, I told Him that my head understood His will is always best, but that my heart wasn't ready, nevertheless, His will be done.

El-Roi saw...and He answered:

One day Callen Ambrose Ryan will hear of this day. On that day he will hear of El-Roi. The God who saw him, formed him, and then protected him. He will hear of the perseverance of the many who cried out on his behalf. And I hope, on that day, he will then know El-Roi for the rest of his days. Praise to El-Roi! The God who, in His mercy, sees all!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

To the One Considering Suicide


Dear Hurting Soul Considering Suicide:

I am writing you today because I am for you. In the midst of emotion I would want to say, "It's the cowards way out." But it's not cowardly to be so desperate that you are willing to face death, the one thing that can scare the most courageous of people. I want to say, "You are being selfish" but for some, you consider it only because you see it as the least selfish thing you can do to remove yourself as a "burden to others".

Friend, please don't. Whatever it is that makes you think suicide is your best option, it's a lie. You may have heard that it will end your suffering, but for some, it would only send you to a place of even more immense suffering. You may have heard that it will cause all that have hurt you to collapse in sorrow over what they have done, and it will...But then what? There will then be no opportunity for reconcilliation. There would be no opportunity for them to hear your heart and tell you and SHOW you how much they want to make it right. Don't believe the lies. Suicide is no solution.

To those Who Don't Know My King:

Are you considering suicide and yet you don't know of Jesus? Friend, suicide will only cause more suffering, but beyond that...please, let me just tell you some good news. What can it hurt? Let me tell you why there is REASON TO LIVE! Maybe you have heard of a Jesus who allows you to be forgiven if you attend church. Or maybe you have heard of a Jesus who forgave you when you were younger but that's because you told him you were going to shape up. Maybe you have heard of a dissappointed Jesus; a frustrated Jesus; a quiting Jesus.  FRIEND, that's not Jesus...

You see, Jesus is the one in whom there is LIFE!  He not only created all life, but then He humbly became one of us! You may have heard of God's wrath? And, yes, it is a true, and good, and righteous wrath. It is a real wrath.  But JESUS took that for you. Oh and He didn't take it so you would go to church. He didn't take it because He knew if He did that for you, you would finally act right. He did it because before the earth was formed He knew all your thoughts and all the wrongs you would commit...and He knew you would even be willing to end your own life. He did it because you can't. He did it so you wouldn't have to... All you have to do is BELIEVE and that life is yours! Your free! You free to love and to laugh and to LIVE! You are then adopted as a SON or DAUGHTER of the KING. Seen only as righteous! NO MATTER WHAT! You are then, finally, seen as perfect because you are seen as one who was bought...ransomed...redeemed.  Please, don't consider suicide without first considering the cross. Suicide is a lie, but there, at the feet of Christ, is life...

To Those Who Do Know Our King:

Brother, sister, have you forgotten how much He loves you? Have you forgotten that He knows all and knew everything you would do when He died and not just the things you did before you believed? Have you forgotten that one day He will return and that there is actually a chance that we have all seen our last sun rise as he could return any second now?  Have you forgotten that there is an enemy who wants nothing more than to kill you? Have you forgotten that despite being in a battle, we win? Cling to it! Write it on your mirror! Tell people! Do whatever you need to do to cling to your savior in times of dark desperation! He will not forsake you...he has walked through the darkness too and has overcome it! He stepped into the path of the wrath of God for you! He has redeemed you from the pit! Even if the world may fail us, friends fail us, family fail us, boyfriends and girlfriends fail us...HE HAS NOT! NEVER! He is a good king.... Cling to the fellowship of believers and let them always remind you of that!

Today, I am praying for you friend. I am praying for relief: r
elief that only comes from a loving savior, guiltless freedom, and a promised victory. Your days may continue to be hard, but I pray that you will begin to see some of the lies that have been thrown at you and cling to the truth. I am for you. We are for you. Don't hide from us but definitely...please don't hide from Jesus.

Your friend and brother,