Friday, September 25, 2009


I was talking to one of many counselor friends yesterday and he was telling me all about his walk recently. His main "struggle" was, in my words, the ability to forgive himself. He mentioned that he was learning a lot about not being so hard on himself for his "mistakes". While I never asked him to go into detail on what he meant by "mistakes", I found it interesting. I have now come to believe that the Grace of God is far more unfathomable than we realize.

It's crazy to me that the main focus of my vocation is to tell as many people that I can about this "amazing grace" and yet it's a grace that I am so reluctant to apply to myself. I can talk to countless men who feel like they have committed the most unforgiveable sins, and tell them, with complete faith in what I am talking about, that Christ is standing there, 100% ready to forgive them, and yet, I fall and suddenly God's grace isnt enough! What the heck?