Monday, August 17, 2009


Transitions in life are always interesting times. Sometimes you feel uneasy, sometimes you are excited. There are even those times when you are flat-out scared. If I were to describe transitions in my own life, I would say that they are the times when I am least comfortable and God is most evidently working. I think His work is most evident because I am most uneasy and therefore constantly looking to Him for answers.

I am currently in the midst of a lot of transition. There are two contributing factors. The first of which is I just got engaged! Everyone who is married knows that the engagement is a crazy time. Not only are you discussing what you want your marriage to look like and how you will live together, but you are trying to figure all the legistics of where to live and where to work. As a man, there is that deep desire and even drive to provide for your family, so it can be scary knowing that your residency ends 3 months after your wedding and you dont yet know how God will provide.

The second transition is at work. We just finished our summer of camp and this week is our first back after a much needed vacation. Now is when we begin to prepare for preparing in a sense. We write reports, organize our desk and all the files from last year, and get ready to mentally rip apart the previous summer in order to dominate the next summer. During this time I am constantly thinking. I think a lot about God's call on my life. I believe we all have a call. I think God gave us all gifts and talents to use to bring glory to Him and His kingdom, and so now is a time when I think hard about what He has for me to do. I also think about last summer and what I did well and what I definitely did not do well. It's a time I both love and hate at the same time.

If you think about it, the Bible is full of men and women in the midst of transition. I think about Moses who went from "son of Pharoah" to running away into the wilderness, to being called to lead a nation out of captivity. I think of Job, who went from wealthy and comfortable to broken and confused. Then there is David who went from shepherd to mighty warrior and king. There are countless stories of God bringing men and women through transitions that cause them to cling to or sometimes even turn back to Him.

It's sad isn't it. We get comfortable and it's like we forget. We forget who got us this far. We forget that we will mess things up on our own, and we forget that He knows what is best for us. Then something happens. Whether a tragedy or a transition, we get shoved out of our comfort zone. Then we freak out, not knowing where to go until we finally remember that the king of the universe loves us and cares about us and has actually been waiting for us to come back the whole time. Why don't we just stay close the whole time, then when the scary times of transition come knocking on our door, we can let Him go first with us clinging to the hem of His robe.

In Him, for Him